Day 1

Day 1 in Osaka was amazing!!! One day here and I am already sold on this country! It is possible that I am getting a little a head of myself but comparing my interactions with folks here to my previous experiences home I have to say there is an obvious differece.

It is not just the people either, the air is different, when I breathe it, I feel it. It’s difficult to explain and believe me I try not to over think things but this place has an effect on me…well at least right now it does and I rather not burst this bubble until it truly needs to be popped.

This morning I watched about 2 hours of Japanese television. Had no idea what they were saying or what was going on but it was nice just to sit and not have to compute what was going on….I was able to simply…be.

Sit there and enjoy it, even if I didn’t know what was going on.

I even wrote a little something about Japan today, nothing spectacular just my thoughs.

Everything the same but different
Stares wondering who amI
Life grant an instant
Eternally Japan