Day 2

Day 2: I took a walk to a place called Utsubo park today. I sat there for a few hours and read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. I think I was there for about three hours. I snacked on a sandwich I had bought earlier at a convenience store. Oh and 7/11s here are nothing like back home. They seem to actually care about freshness. here There are no rotten chilli dogs either.

I cannot get enough of how clean it is here, I haven’t seen one person even spit on the ground.

After my reading and lunch i hiked over to Osaka Castle, it was closed by the time I got there but I was still able to get some greats shots of it from outside.

It was an early day today, night time fell around 5:30pm and I ducked into a restaurant and don’t even know what I had. It was a bowl of ric,e beef shredded cheese and some mystery powder, most importantly it tasted great.

I was going to do more walking tonight but I was pretty tired and fell asleep ( I only got up to finish this journal entry).

Tomorrow I am going to head up to Kyoto and visit a few temples. It is going to be very interesting I am sure. That reminds me that I will have to get the hotel staff to write a few of the temple’s names in Japanese characters for me so I can at least ask for directions in Kyoto.

“Happy Birthday to ME” it’s 11:26pm December 9th. I’ll probably be asleep once it turns midnight. I should remember to by myself something special in Kyoto.