Ok here we go….My first attempt at writing Hiragana on the internet.  I only know a few words, let’s see how much I write.

か = Ka (Mosquito)

いたい = itai (Ouch)

あたま = atama (head)

しお = Shio (salt)

あか = aka (red)

おいし= oishi (Delicious)

I think most of those are right!  I’m on my way!



Rap Music and Typewriters…

Rap Music and Typewriters…

I have started to type my rap lyrics out on my typewriter.  At first, I started doing it to simply make use of a typewriter, that had just been sitting in the corner of my room collecting dust.  Once I started typing my lyrics out, I found the experience quite peaceful….relaxing.  When I began I remember how much weight I had to use on the typewriter, my fingers were no where near accustom to using that amount of force, when typing.  Now I feel like I am going to break my flimsy mac keyboard if I am not careful.

I wish I brought my typewriter to Japan.  I do not know what it is but typing things out the old fashion way conjures up unfamiliar feelings.  Last night I typed out a few pages of gibberish.  The pages were filled with fragments of my thoughts, nothing more.  The moment I started typing, I realized how hard it would be to stop.

You ever feel like you were sitting on something special?  Whether an idea or a concept or anything, but you continual sat on it because you had no idea what to do with it, if you got up off of it?  For the longest time I knew I wanted to write.  For the longest time I knew there was something I have to write, not for the sake of man kind or anything but for my sake.  Everyday I can feel the fragments slowly coming together…Only I have no idea what it is….Is that weird?


I miss Japan….

– Gardener