You Gon’ Learn Today….or soon!

You Gon’ Learn Today….or soon!

Yes you will!!

The screen shot is from my next video “Learn Somethin'”, that is available now on on iTunes.

The treatment for the video: Yours truly will be playing the roll of a college professor.  And I have a hell of a job to do, the kids in my class are troublesome and do not pay attention.

It is my obligation as an educator to teach and have them “Learn Somethin'”.

Stay tuned!

– Gardener



Indeed, my life has certainly turned into EMLN.  I am usually up late recording, editing or writing and then have to wake up early for work.  Take tonight (writing this blog day before posted), it is 12:42 AM and I have to wake up at 7:00 AM for my job.  “This is the life, the life, the life is so exciting (Fabolous).”

Moving on…tonight (yesterday night for you guys) I did a “Red Chair Diary” with the homie AJ for his ELMN website.  Be on the lookout for this movement, AJ got a lot of great ideas for local artists in Toronto.

Check him on twitter here.  And for those who are saying “what the hell is a Red Chair Diary?”  Well…the artist is prompted to tell some crazy experience.  I figured since the majority of interviews will probably consist of groupies, hoes, and other juicy and entertaining tidbits I decided to take an opposite route and share a story about my education experience.

I am going to save that story, until AJ releases it, then I will post it here and shed more light on it.

– Gardener

Just Me – New Video

Just Me – New Video

Ok pretty much confirmed that I will be shooting a video for “Just Me” off the album Pending that is available here: LINK

I am really excited for this video.  I think we’re going to some harbour or something to shoot it, which has pretty good shot of Toronto’s skyline.  Now in the past I never really was a fan of getting shots of the CN Tower in my videos.  But the skyline may be too tempting to pass up.

A friend of mine recently shared some flicks of the location and I got to say the landscape is awesome.

Can’t wait to share it with the world!!

–  Gardener