End of the year…

I am about a year and half in to living in Japan and I decided to make a quick list of memories I probably will never forget.

  • finding spider nest under my bed

  • snake on my door step

  • – hornet nest built on my laundry line
  • – chased by boar
  • – over 20km bike ride
  • – wild dog watching
  • – sleeping on beaches
  • – winning basketball league
  • – improving Japanese level
  • – being over 20,000 words in on a novel
  • – writing lots of poetry
  • – continuing my research on Gary Snyder
  • – meeting acquaintances of Gary Snyder in Japan
  • – understand Ezra Pounds’¬†ABC of Reading
  • – meditating on solo days
  • – sometimes never speaking a word on most Sundays

Here’s to 2018.

“It’s Been A Long Time. I Shouldn’t Have Left You” – Timberland

[December 20, 2017]

Winter has come. <— Is this from The Game of Thrones? I haven’t seen it before but I here that winter seems to be a pretty important ¬†quite a bit on that show.

Anyways, been a minute since I have posted anything here.

Updates: Life is still as quiet as it was when I first got here. Nothing really new and exciting has happened. Went home during the summer, but that’s family stuff I like to keep that close. New Years is coming and I will run up a mountain on New Years Day and spend Christmas Day at work studying and writing.