Been Damn Near Over a Month

Been Damn Near Over a Month

Since I posted anything on this site…excuse my laziness!

Nah, but for really, I have been working effortlessly on my 2nd last year of University.  I’m in the “homestretch” and trying to end strong.

Basically this post is about awareness.  Ask yourself a honest question..Are you aware of whats going on around you?  When you go to malls do you observe the people or occurrences around you?  What about the media, are you aware of what is happening to human beings since the internet explosion?

If you not, you should start too.  I heard a really interesting point the other day. 

Today the education system sticks tons of kids with the “ADD” or “ADHD” label, but technically the kids are where they should be because of how fast we get everything today.  Whether food or information, the speed has increased exponentially.

That is a great point…today so many things are accessible by the touch of the button.  I feel most people are just trying to keep up…(Think about that guy on the laptop and his phone in the coffee shop).

This is truly the age of multi tasking!