Won’t Know Where I’m Going Till I Get There

Won’t Know Where I’m Going Till I Get There

I arrived in Japan today. It is currently Saturday December 7, 2013. The hotel I am staying in is nice enough, interesting thing about rooms in Japan is that they are incredible small, when comparing them to North American standards.

But what I really want to talk about is my journey to my destination.

I travelled from Toronto, Canada to Osaka, Japan. The hard part was once my plane landed in Tokyo, As soon as I got off that plane, I was no longer in my comfort zone. The airport at least had English subtitles, the deeper I travelled into Japan the less and less English speakers I encountered.

I got to admit I am nervous but everyone here is extremely helpful even if they speak little English.

Japan is unfamiliar to me and thus I felt that I had no idea where I was going, while travelling the rail. The only way I knew I was going the right way was when I would arrive at my correct station. This whole new experience motivates my to take it head on but also works to keep me unsettled.

Tomorrow I am going to walk around the are maybe find some good restaurants and take some good shots.