Love [Three]

Love cont’d

Much of this lack of “young energy” is missing from our everyday actions and that has caused much of our civilization to decay and fall into the repetition of empty interactions. Our great cities, towns stares, prefectures and provinces, have become ignorant. We carry out actions with no substance or quality. It has gotten to the point of routine where we no longer are able to determine full from empty. The bar for quality has been deformed and is currently incomprehensible.

The reasons are many and interwoven through numerous themes. They are scattered across our current state of technology, economy, social structure, etc. In fact, I think it would probably take me the rest of my life to specifically research and summarize all. Also, I do not think that I am at a level to intelligently convey all of these factors, in a concise clear manner anyways.

Maybe one day though…

I am not always in agreement with those cult like self-improvement movements, but one thing they have constantly preached is that every moment in life is significant and it is. Significant for you, your loved ones, and people you don’t even know.

If you have read this far then you are probably thinking what does this all have to do with love?

Our quality-less interactions, that have become routine inevitably spreading to all of our relationships. New relationships often have what people term the honeymoon stage. To me, this is when people have that childlike eagerness and it often can be referred to as puppy love. In our romantic comedies, we often witness light humor of criticism for two people in a relationship acting like children. The term honeymoon also implies that it won’t last as if we know our relationships are doomed to become empty like we have. I have always found it odd that there really is no social consensus extending the honeymoon period indefinitely, would we not be better off? There seems just to be a lot of criticism, even though it is usually in a joking manner, for adults emulating children in their relationships. But it is that innocence that is precisely needed in a relationship. That childhood like behaviour might be some of the rawest and purist emotions we could possibly have.

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