Mamonaku = Soon, In a Short Time

[Written on March 14, 2017]

Dear Virtual Diary,

Returned from my latest trip to Osaka and I am exhausted. The latest trip involved a 3 day stay, no sleep, more alcohol than I can remember, hip-young-jazz influenced Osakajins showing me a wonderful time. Even did a quick impromptu performance.

Every time that bullet train approaches Shin-Osaka station and that warm but recorded woman’s voice hails “間も無く。。。新大阪“ (Mamonaku…Shin-Osaka).

Funny anecdote for you…..

A while back, during one of my trips to Osaka a couple friends and I got lost and found ourselves in a deserted parking lot, at 3am. One of my friends explained that one of the buildings in front of us was commonly used by many men for doing the deed with prostitutes, which wasn’t alarming at the time because we were a vibrant part of the city, well known for these kinds of services.

She also went on to tell me that this particular building was where a lot of the men that took prostitutes to had some particular fetish. I thought it little strange that one building would be dedicated to that but I guessed it was still pretty standard. I joked a bit about discrimination towards people without fetishes but it didn’t quite translate well into Japanese.

She then told me that you could hire prostitutes to and have them play a recording of the voice from the bullet train saying “間も無く。。。新大阪“ in order to set the atmosphere and act as if you were riding on a train, then you’d have your way with your woman of the night.

This was what I found hysterical, because after riding that train numerous times during 3 vacations and now living here and riding the trains almost every week, it had never occurred once to me that the woman’s voice announcing the trains was sexy or could be used in a situation of arousal. Either way I thought it was extremely humorous.

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