Pending Write-up: Carnival of Life (Track 5)

Pending Write-up: Carnival of Life (Track 5)

“No I don’t need no help” (Gardener).  “Carnival of Life” hits so close to home.  This track is extremely personal and I am very content with the final result.


This song embodies some of the craziness (emotionally) I’ve experienced.  Now me as a young dude I learned the hard way that the average person is full of shit and unfortunately for me I was very naïve and originally believed words that were said to me.


But so many people go through the puppy love stage right?  Your first love, it ends and you moved on…if it was only that easy!…..No, stop, whoa, I am no longer stuck on love for past relationships.  What I will admit is that I can still remember the sadness I felt, when shit broke down.  I’ve always been pretty good at remembering the emotionally high and low points of my life.  I have a ton of high points as a kid that still to this day put a smile on my face.


Back to the track though…Carnival of Life, which is produced by the homie Lone Monk, is a song where I spill my guts about a past relationship that was pretty important to me, at the time.  This relationship ended and I wasn’t happy with the way it went down.  So I took those feelings and added the concept of the carnival.  See a carnival has bright lights and appealing images to the eye.  But you mess around and have that cotton candy and chilli dog, then hop up on the teacups and vomit all over yourself!


That is what life can be sometimes a carnival..and you better hol’ on tight!


– Gardener