Gardener MakeMeTheMusic

Ok…by now you probably have noticed that I make music, if you haven’t, do yourself a favour and check me out here:


What does music mean to me?  Well I won’t go into the whole Sydney Shaw (Brown Sugar reference) spiel, but I can say the feeling I get is like none other.


Working with my big homie Lone Monk aka Christian Calderia is a beautiful thing.  I can remember often times where I’ll enter a session and he’ll play something he had been working on or he’ll email me a track and I’ll tell ya what I always end up with a who fart face (translation the beat is good!).  Make sure you check my dude!

He is the primary go to guy when it comes to production and he produced the majority of my album “Pending”



Starting now I am going to make a conscience effort to do one of these a day!  Till next time.