Undergraduate Research Fair

So your boy got to participate in the 1st Annual York University Research Paper Fair.  Now before I even summarize my experience let me just say, that as a teen I averaged a 66.6 percent durning my high school days.  And now, after a certain high school teacher said “Maybe you should do a trade. English is not for you”, I am smokin’ these assignments in university.

Anyway…the experience was pretty cool.  Met some nice people and even learned some new things.

But it was not very encouraging to see any other black males.  I mean what is it?? Why do we not care about things such as these? Is it cause we think they strictly for other races and not ourselves.  Cause I tell ya there were cute black girls participating!  I don;t know, it’s weird the higher I rise in my studies and job the less and less I see of myself…

Tomorrow get ready to Learn Sumthin’!! Gonna give a quick summary of my essay.