Day 3 aka Happy Birthday Dwayne

Day 3 aka Happy Birthday Dwayne

My third day in Japan and its my Birthday no less.

Today I decided to take a day trip to Kyoto. Kyoto is littered with temples, I am pretty sure there’s more than 30. The town isn’t even that big so its quite impressive. I think I got around most of town within 4 hours.

Getting to Kyoto wasn’t difficult, understanding the bus system was pretty easy too. Kyoto is practically built for tourism. Many of the shops have English sub titles and menus.

The bus systems make Toronto and Mississauga look lame. Kyoto is like a country town and the bus system is light years ahead of one of the biggest cities in North American

I visited a few Temples and even chatted with locals. One of the children hanging around one of the temples wanted to practice his English with me, I was obliged. The rest of his friends thought he was brave for even asking me.

I just enjoy breathing here…

Tomorrow I want to return to this tiny little bar I visited on my second day here.