Basketball – Semi-Finals

February 16, 2018

“Mike Jordan pedal to the floor and rubber is scorchin’ Olympic athletes carrying torches” – D. Gardener

Basketball Begins:

Basketball season has started up again and boy do I suck. Hurt my hip flexor and have a hard time running aggressively lately. I think it may be a small sports hernia. I typed the symptoms in on  WebMD and it says I have cancer. So either or I am screwed I guess.

On February 11, we had two games. First game went well and we easily won 71 – 22. We out sized the team greatly. Everyone on the team played well.

Q1: 14 – 10
Q2: 16 – 2
Q3: 27 – 5
Q4: 16 – 5



The second game proved to be much more difficult. This team was bigger and more rough. I think we underestimated them during the first half and had to get our head straightened out. We were able to come back after the half and pull out a win and the final score was 58 – 49.

Q1: 11 – 9
Q2: 12 – 23
Q3: 15 – 10
Q4: 20 – 7

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