Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I watched Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and saw something pretty dumb.

The photo is taken from one of the scenes from the movie.  Lee is a student at a university and wants to use the workout facilities. The stereotypical alpha males deny Lee from working out and also thrown in some racist comments. Which is where I kind of had a problem. This movie is set in 60s…THE 1960s!  I don’t understand why a black person would be placed in this scene. As if he was on top of the social ladder. It’s clear in the movie is set in a time period when white people were not exactly rocking with black people.  To think something like this could even happen is ridiculous.

I couldn’t help but laugh at this scene.

On-line Dating…

On-line Dating…

“It’s taking over” (Akon Voice).

Lately I have began noticing how common dating online has become.  Not to say it was not popular in the past, it most likely was,  I just find that many of my close friends and co-workers are and have turned to the internet for love.  Unfortunately I just cannot seem to bring myself to set up a profile.

Firstly paying for any online dating site in my opinion is ridiculous having a computer match my likes/dislike to someone else is to much for me.  But it is a good way of ensuring that the participants are probably looking for a serious relationship?  I mean if you pay a dating site then get some one night sex aint that prostitution?  Hah! eHarmony pimping humans out!

I know what your saying…:Dwayne there are plenty of free dating sites”…true.  But let’s be honest Those are just full of thirsty dudes.  And I can’t send a message to a girl that doesn’t know me knowing she probably has over 100 messages in her inbox from other guys, sorry just can’t.  A female friend of mine had 164 unread messages from men all trying to sex/date/love etc.

Geeeezz nah no thanks…I’ll stick to looking at females in close proximity and never approaching them hah!

This is just a phenomena I will have to sit out.

What do you think yay or nay?

– Gardener