Wow This is Actually Kinda Hard…

Wow This is Actually Kinda Hard…Blogging or whatever you wanna call this. Unless for school, I rarely write this frequent and even when I do I do not worry about spelling, grammar etc. because it never gets “published”.

Also I think with writing everyday it becomes more and more obvious how regular my life is. Take today for example. I woke up, worked and came home. Well my cpu table did fall apart, but I did fix it with masking tape!

(ADD leads to me jumping all over the place sorry)

I started a short story a while back and haven’t continued it in quite sometime. What is it about you ask? Well it is about a guy, who is pretty much down on his luck. Oh this story most likely be what the common folk call “a downer”. That’s what I like y’all! Miss me with all the happy Disney endings. “I ain’t bout that life!!!!”

I haven’t written new music in a while either. I tried making a beat earlier today but the tray holding my keyboard fell apart and after fixing it I was exhausted.

I spent quite a pretty penny on the party for my album “Pending”….What’s that saying…Scared money don’t make no money? Yeah that’s what I say to make myself feel better!

Later on!

– Gardener