Where is my Spaceship???

Where is my Spaceship???

“I ‘ve been working this grave shift/And I ain’t made shit/I wish I could/But me a spaceship and fly/” – K. West (Spaceship)

Dope ass song…Kanye recently dropped a new album Yeezus.  It definitely shows grow from his debut record College Dropout.

I remember listening to this song taking the bus/subway to college….This album got me through some long ass classes!

So this entry really doesn’t have a topic per say, so I will just write about my day.

I spent the entire day in the library completing an essay and reading George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss.  Fun fact about that book, George Eliot is a female.

I really don’t want to throw this book under the bus but….it really is tough to get through!

fyi Asians stay taking their children to the library….blacks…not so much…

– Gardener