Weddings Look Good On You…(Part 2)

Weddings Look Good On You…(Part 2)

Another thing is I am not intimidated by other peoples lives.  It does not bother me in the slightest that the average people grow old and get married and have children.  HEY! Everybody!  I am not from average people…please note I do not remember EVER meeting my biological father and my mother is currently not married and THAT ladies and gentlemen is what is normal to me!

Based off those two previous statements one would think that I should break the circle and create a new path for my last name….welp no thanks.  I rather do that with my individual accomplishments.  Baby mommas are nothing frowned upon in Caribbean culture and for that matter across, what I would argue, a significant part of the world.

It is safe to say that my perspective on life is just not fit for the “average North American person” and trust me I am by no mean an “above average human”.

This was bothering me and felt really good to write/vent on OH YEEEEAAAAHHHH RIP RANDY SAVAGE!

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oh funny tidbit….folks at the wedding asked how come I wasn’t drinking -___- really?!?! 2013 and people are still amazed by others not drinking…Well ladies and gents my new style is to say I am a muslim.  WIth the beard and all that they understood and left me alone.  When I usually answer people with “oh i just don’t like too”, its not good enough and they have to do a full criminal mind behaviour investigate.  It was cool the first few time but jeeeeeezzze after getting the treatment at WORK, SCHOOL, AND OTHER PLACES…PLEASE GIVE IT REST YA’LL CAN I LIVE?