Weddings Look Good On You…(PART 1)

Weddings Look Good On You…(PART 1)

Went to a friend of mine’s wedding yesterday and it was a beautiful event.

But sitting there watching the screen display the groom and bride’s history I could not help but to reflect on my own life.

Now for those that do not know.  You have to understand this was my first wedding ever! It could be because i am not really personally close with my extended family why I’ve never attended one.  I mean isn’t that why most people go to weddings?  Are they not usally somehow related to the bride/groom?

But with that being said growing up marriage meant absolutely nothing to me.  Never went to them as a child and keeping mind my last post’s framework (read here), it is safe to say I have no emotional attachment to them.  Many of my friends brought their girls out and they dance and partied and all I could think to myself is….”not me no thanks”.  Even staring up at the bride and groom, who I am extremely happy for by the way and glad they invited me to share in this wonderful occasion.  But I kept saying to myself…”not me, don’t want that attention”.  At an age where I understand the term “never say never” is obviously in full effect….but I am sorry ladies I just don’t see me walking down the aisle.  This is for a number of reasons though (that I know unless the girl cared for me would not care about and I would be labelled a weirdo, which by the way is usually the way it goes.)

Now this is largely due to the fact that I find it highly enological that I will meet someone who I trust enough to even think about marriage.  I will spare you the details but my past relationships have not gone so well.  What amazes me is that really only two i really cared about ended.  Two relationships have left a bad taste in my mouth lol.  How can that be you ask?  Well I will get into that later….look out for my next post (Brushing Your Teeth).

Going to stop for now look out for part two tomorrow!

– Gardener