Pending Write-up: Untitled (Track 2)

Funny thing about this track is that fresh off of purchasing a cpu and keyboard this was one of the first three beats I made.  STOP!!! Before you say to yourself “DAMN Dwayne made that crazy as beat!!?!?” Nah what I created was a deformed stepchild version of the final version.  The homie Lone Monk gave it a complete face-lift.   The core of the beat stayed the same but the sound got sharper.


I wrote this verse while listening to a lot of Colin Monroe.  He released a mixtape entitled “Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero”.  There is a track on that record called “Cannonball” featuring Drake.  It is a really dope record where each describe their musically talents as cannonballs.  When I made the beat I wrote this 16 and got the homie Leftfield Keele on it and it was a wrap!