Technological Humanity

Technological Humanity – Beware or Take the Plunge

Is the human race going to continue to travel down the rabbit hole of technological interaction?

I was chatting with a homegirl of mine the other day and she was talking about a guy she is really crushing on. While going on about what made this guy so great, she said something odd to me.

“I really enjoy our text messages over our face to face dates”

I asked her why.

She replied that he was sweeter in his texts than in person. She conjectured it was because he was shy.

Now when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex I am not one to declare that I am extremely gifted and well versed in that area of expertise BUT I’ll be damned if a female says she likes me better through my texts.

Sending electronic messages inevitably, whether on purpose or not, creates personas of our self. You wear mask like it or not. When it comes to relationships I can’t help feel that these electronic messages are just words and words are not actions.

Shouldn’t we be judging one another on our actions contrary to our words? Ohh look at Dwayne all high and mighty with the preaching! He’s got it all figured out! What a fuckin’ douchebag…

Chill, please no preaching here….even if it sounds like it.

When my friend had shared that she preferred their electronic relationship in contrast to their physical one, I thought it rather odd but after further deliberation I realized that it is just a sign of the times we live in today.

I mean hiding behind avatars, emails, posts and texts is easier I guess? And in 2015 you can’t tell me that everything is pretty much set up to be more efficient for us! Why not have our search for a partner simplified too?

Why not avoid the situation of locked eyes immersed in awkward silence, faces with nothing to say show slight signs of discomfort through a momentary frown or grimace, only to result in the struggle of forced speech, that is overshadowed by the stuttering and muttering of words that all culminate to an irrelevant statement.

These situations that are nowhere near enjoyable and rather be avoided, by many.

My preference? Even though I use the net as my personal junk lawn, throwing all of my personal crap on it for all passing by to praise, berate or set ablaze; it is imperative to consider that nervousness/uncomfortable sensation pushes us forward into the void of the unknown. And traveling to that void almost always ends up as an interesting story to tell…And in 2015 interesting stories are hard to come by.

See you later…Hopefully in person!


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