Social Networks and Boredom = Wasting My Time

Social Networks and Boredom = Wasting My Time

I found myself 1/2 an hour early for my night class and bored as hell.  Instead of doing some reading (being so behind in my class readings) I pull out my phone and start to scroll through the endless dribble that Facebook.

It wan’t until I was scrolling through my timeline I asked myself “what the hell am I doing”.  I mean we see it everyday right? A crowd of people waiting for the bus and they all on their cell phones.  Not using them to make calls but surfing the net or checking social networking sites.

I got to stop doing it to myself.  I catch myself sometimes in a zombie mind state.  I mean sometimes I feel like I’m in “INvasion of the Body Snatchers” the way I see crowds of people on their smartphones.  *sigh* Not that I am against it cause I do it often too, but we all spend way too much time on our phones…


– Gardener