*Sigh* Black People…

*Sigh* Black People….

“I HATE BLACK PEOPLE”…These are words I passionately express during a conversation with a black woman.  Her reaction? Well she was pretty upset with my statement (totally understandable though!).  The reaction was interesting though she decided then and there to hit me with some internalized racism; she called me an “OREO”!!!  Oh don’t know what that is??


Oreo – An American of African decent who behaves more white than black. (Dictionary.com)


Now for the record it is utterly ridiculous for anyone to think I am some Uncle Ruckas (Boondocks reference a show you should watch!).  I see hate as an emotion that cannot exist without some form of caring/love being present.  I am very proud of my race and my people.  It is just that some of the most painful heartache I have felt has been at the hands of people from my own race.  And that has had a considerable effect on me.  In one of the greatest shows ever created (not a fact just guessing hah!) Boondocks Huey states


“You do what you can to help black folks, and they make you wonder why you even bother. But they’re our people, and we gotta love ’em regardless.”


And these are words I have chosen to live by, so maybe I do not hate my people; I love the potential we have and HATE that some of us do not act on that potential.


I decided to make a song/video on the subject.
Till next time.


–       Gardener


(Oh and if any non-black folk read this and you feel weird or awkward just know I like all races but always remember……different races of women>>>>>>>>>> different races of men)  hah!