Ramblings of Love

Dear Virtual Diary,

Maybe this will be part 1 of a long ramble…

When it comes to writing, I think the hardest thing to write about is love, death probably comes in at a close second.

The story, I am currently writing, will eventually get into Love and I am not sure how I will tackle it. I feel getting my thoughts out may help with writing about it later.
I want to start by saying I dislike the word Love very much. I think you’d agree that the feeling of Love cannot be, holistically speaking, well represented by one word alone. Love should always be a paragraph or an essay, not a four-letter-word. And yes, Love is certainly those things as well as a four letter-word but does anyone make an effort to say more…?

Of course, using a four-letter word is more convenient. Thus, my question is should Love be convenient?

Everywhere and anytime we say I Love you we should be reciting this so-called paragraph or essay. Think about the first time you told someone you loved them, was it special? Was it underwhelming? Now imagine instead of saying I Love you you handed that person a 1000-word paragraph on your feelings? (I know this is not very practical but is Love supposed to be practical?) Should we be able to just conveniently package it away in our emotional suit case underneath our sympathy and doubt? Or does it deserve its own entire storage facility?

Also, when I say essay I do not propose some kind of high-level Oxford PhD article were vocabulary used is known by few. Love can be conveyed easily by using regular everyday words, but there must be some kind of effort when conveying those words.

Don’t you think the receiver of the message of Love would value and gain a better understanding of how you feel? Today we use and abuse words, misusing them in situations that do not match their meaning and consequently cause confusion to others.

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