Pending Write-up: Learn Sumthin’ (Track 9)

Pending Write-up: Learn Sumthin’ (Track 9)

As you know (or don’t know), I attend York University and I have come to terms with that I probably will be going to school for the rest of my life.

As weird as it sounds I enjoy it.  Growing up my mother was to busy providing the basics for her children, such as food, clothes, shelter.  I for one can understand, that she did not have enough time to help with homework or be dedicated to our studies while having a demanding job.

School has provided me with a foundation for anything I want to learn about.  Ex. I took a Racial Minority literature class and learned about a woman who is now one of my favourite authors, Dionne Brand…But I digress…This song is about motherfuckers, and that is what they are!  Those people who continually talk about it rather than be about it!  We have all met them and I have seen that mind set rub off on people not a pretty sight!  That way of thinking is very deceptive and I have seen it ruin lives.

Also added the very talent pHoenix Pagliacci…It was a close call but we were able to add her verse in the track!

This song is dedicated to those talkers….LEARN SUMTHIN’

– Gardener