Pending Write-up: Just Me (Track 3)

The Pending Write-up: Just Me.

Ahhhh “Just Me”! What can I say about this track. It originally started out very dark. I was initially going for the solitary feel, in essence the song describes the title perfectly. My inspiration for the track was my frame of mind during my younger days, when I was much more naïve and the world was much more simpler.

There was a period in my life where I never really talked to anyone. While most of my close friends were partying it up, I was working a couple jobs barely getting sleep. I had recently moved so there was less chance of me hanging out with them because I didn’t drive. While trying to save money for a car I relied heavily on public transit. I wrote a crap load of material during these days. It could be because I wasn’t partying and smashing a whole bunch of chicks why my material was more heartfelt and uplifting. I think that was due to the space I was in. I mean I didn’t enjoy working all those hours and having to take the bus.

Who knows maybe it was my subconscious way of motivation myself… yeah sure buddy!

I created the original skeleton of the beat and during the mixing process my dude Lone Monk felt that the song could be bigger…..sure enough he delivered and the track’s universal status…….

*those snares at the end tho kinda serious no?*

– Gardener