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The best perspective is within the eye of the storm...

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Iga, Mie Prefecture

[Written on March 21, 2017] Dear Virtual Diary, Mie-Ken was enjoyable and I feel like I understand the father of the haiku, Matsuo Basho, a little more. I stayed in the small city of Uenoshi in Iga, Mie. The bus and train, from Kurahashi, took around 5½ hours. In total I had to transfer trains…

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Matsuo Basho

[Written on March 16, 2017] Dear Virtual Diary, I am setting out to Mie prefecture on the weekend March 17th. I will stay in the small town of Iga the home to poet and master of the haiku, Matsuo Basho. I am hoping to learn some tidbits about Matsuo Basho. One of his most prolific…

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