I don’t know jack but Alan Watts knows some stuff

Alan Watts.  

I heard of him before in some of my readings of Gary Snyder. I am pretty sure that Snyder wrote about Watts in letters to Allen Ginsberg.  Watts was located on the west coast and I know that both Snyder and Ginsberg attended school on the west coast as well.  I still have some more reading to do but I am pretty sure that there is some influential connection between Watts and Snyder.   When I read Snyder’s letters, I get the same feeling when reading Watts work. They both seem to have the personality of feathers. Their words are light and playful and they always seem to have it all figured out and not a care in the world. 

Today I was reading Watts ideas on “form”. Watts discusses the idea of most of us on this planet have these preconceived methods of thinking that are as Watts puts it “unexamined”. We don’t really question any of these methods of thinking. Form is one of these “unexamined” methods. He goes on to write on about how science continually breaks down things into smaller things. Classifications into classifications. If you take a chunk of a table and put it under a microscope and then get a more powerful microscope the classification of the table will only continue to spread. Which, when thinking about the universe, supports the notion that our studies of universe will continue to into other studies. The universe will always be an enigma. The proverbial dog that chases its own tail. 

I am not doing justice to any of this man’s work but I thought I writing it down would help me with my own thought when wrestling with his various concepts. Here is one of his lectures.


Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I watched Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and saw something pretty dumb.

The photo is taken from one of the scenes from the movie.  Lee is a student at a university and wants to use the workout facilities. The stereotypical alpha males deny Lee from working out and also thrown in some racist comments. Which is where I kind of had a problem. This movie is set in 60s…THE 1960s!  I don’t understand why a black person would be placed in this scene. As if he was on top of the social ladder. It’s clear in the movie is set in a time period when white people were not exactly rocking with black people.  To think something like this could even happen is ridiculous.

I couldn’t help but laugh at this scene.

Weekend in Osaka

November 25th…

Osaka continues to be my second home. I never knew how much I would come to love the city the way I do.  Still, living out here has kinda of flipped me from a city Boy to more of a rural Man.  When I finally return home I easily see myself living in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t imagine not being able to see the stars at night anymore. I am talking more about where I live than Osaka, but traveling to the city of octopus on and off has certainly given me many fond memories. Made a couple this past weekend.

Believe it or not spent hours talking about Over the Top, the 1987 film about a truck driver (Sylvester Stallone) and his twelve year-old son driving to Las Vegas for the arm wrestling world championships. Classic corny 80’s music track and is a bit campy but I love that film. Keeping the details of the conversation to myself, but it was random as hell.