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The best perspective is within the eye of the storm...

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November 13, 2018

November 13, 2018… Winter is slowly approaching. The leaves have begun changing colour. The island is still quiet as ever. Been practicing a lot of basketball recently. This year I helped my team finish second in the city, which makes me realize how easy it would be to win the championship, if I was actually…

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Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow….That is what I have been riding on since I got to Japan. I have a nasty habit of just forgetting about books I have read, due to never discussing them with anyone. I figure why not write about some of them. Today will be Pound’s ABC of Reading. Don’t know about Pound click here for…

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Over 50 hours

It rained for over 50 hours this past weekend. That resulted in tons of landslides and many people losing their life. My area wasn’t heavily affected, unless you think a bus line getting cancelled is a big deal. I have been using my bicycle to get around the island. The main problem is it is…

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