Over 50 hours

It rained for over 50 hours this past weekend. That resulted in tons of landslides and many people losing their life. My area wasn’t heavily affected, unless you think a bus line getting cancelled is a big deal. I have been using my bicycle to get around the island. The main problem is it is 30 degrees Celsius and most of my trips are at least 20 minutes by bicycle. It’s too hot.

My understanding is that it rained so much that my town’s water plant’s pipes swelled up and cracked. Now they have to drain the pipes, check to see what’s wrong and finally create and implement a solution.

So, it’s been a few days with no running water, which is just inconvenient if anything.  But I a made out pretty lucky. I live next to a rice field and there is a fossette for water. The farmer let me know that I can use it anytime all I need is a socket wrench to release the water. Same farmer also offered his shower for me to use. That was a Godsend. I have been washing my armpits and private areas with bottled water, soap and a wash cloth which is crazy.

Looking like water will be out for about a week. I’ll just pretend like I didn’t pay my water bill.

Below are some photos of Kurahashi to give you an idea of how things look.

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