Osaka with Special Host Gardener!

“Something about leaving your surroundings

Going to a place where duplicates are never found in

No more water cooler talks and paper to push

Just bamboo stocks and poetry books”

Dear Virtual Diary,

On December 3rd I will be performing for my 3rd time in Japan. I have a show lined up in Osaka. I skyped with a good friend of mine and partner in crime to this music stuff, and we were able to curate a solid 20-minute set. The set this time around, compared to my set last year, is more mellow and relaxed.

My first couple performances in Japan were a blur. All I remember is wanting to jam pack my set with as many songs as possible. I think I performed around 12 songs last time. This time I am only performing 8 and I have about the same amount of stage time as last year.

The set encompassed many songs that were cut in half.  For example, with some songs I only performed a verse and a chorus or sometimes just a verse. This way I was able to perform more songs.

My new set has less songs, but I will perform the entirety of them.

Check out the set below:

Rap is Like Sports


Like So




Dear Karma

I Love Black People 

My main goal is to enjoy every minute of my performance. The first time around I was much more nervous but I don’t seem to be this time. I think more than anything this set list is going to be something that I will enjoy performing.

In both of my crowds collectively, from my two shows last year, there was only one man who could understand/speak English, but from the response the crowds showed me you’d think everyone could comprehend what I was saying. Music truly, and money, is a universal language. To me, it wasn’t my lyrics, but my emotion that was conveyed to them. I was shocked and surprised after my first show and consequently I am looking forward to this one.

Music the one true conduit for sending emotions to complete strangers. Or something along those lines I guess….

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