Pending Release Party March 28th, 2013

Pending Release Party March 28th, 2013

Now I have been on staged before, but I have never planned and performed at my own show.  This is first one and I tell you what, this is stressful as hell.  In between writing a 10 page paper, working full time and memorizing my lyrics (hey I barely listen to my own music by the way), it is very taxing.  Even as I write this now, in between editing my research paper, I struggle to keep my eyes open.

People always seem to say to me though “Dwayne you work hard and that’s admirable”.  I wish sometimes that I didn’t to do all that I am doing.  Life would sometimes be easier just having no drive, know what I mean?

But anywhoo this is about my performance.  I am pretty nervous,,,mainly due to the fact I have no idea who is going to show.  Obviously I rather not have to perform for my mother and my brother alone, I could do that at home.  Another reason is I want people to witness the work i have put into this record.  Numerous late nights, and $$$ have been spent on this entire project and isn’t always better to share the fruit of your work with the masses?

Your probably not going to even read this until after the show (that is where I will announce this website).  Wish me luck! Or rather nevermind because it’s already over huh?

– Gardener