Music, Rap, Hopes and Stress

Music, Rap, Hopes and Stress

2013 and the amount of rappers, aspiring rappers etc is frightening.  I try not to throw stones, but as a music lover I cannot help being a critic.  Like any genre over saturation is not helpful.  The internet has opened the flood gates for a tsunami of artists.  Now the only difference to any other genre is hip hop, which is more aggressive by nature, you get artists that are just seeking local fame rather than express their artistry. Then again I guess this could be applied across all genres. Artists like DMX, 50 Cent, Rick Ross etc..are ones that represent the epitome of the streets.  This is essentially what hip hop steamed from, it was meant to shed light on an environment most Americans could care less about, at that time.

But today, like anything used to generate millions of dollars, it has lost so much of its innocence.  That doesn’t mean there are no great artists in hip hop, but the amount of bullshit you have to shift through to find something of substance is disturbing.

I always wondered if lovers of other genres felt the same way?  Though I enjoy other genres of music I really know more about Hip Hop than any other.

If you like other genres let me know, do you feel the same way I do?