Indeed, my life has certainly turned into EMLN.  I am usually up late recording, editing or writing and then have to wake up early for work.  Take tonight (writing this blog day before posted), it is 12:42 AM and I have to wake up at 7:00 AM for my job.  “This is the life, the life, the life is so exciting (Fabolous).”

Moving on…tonight (yesterday night for you guys) I did a “Red Chair Diary” with the homie AJ for his ELMN website.  Be on the lookout for this movement, AJ got a lot of great ideas for local artists in Toronto.

Check him on twitter here.  And for those who are saying “what the hell is a Red Chair Diary?”  Well…the artist is prompted to tell some crazy experience.  I figured since the majority of interviews will probably consist of groupies, hoes, and other juicy and entertaining tidbits I decided to take an opposite route and share a story about my education experience.

I am going to save that story, until AJ releases it, then I will post it here and shed more light on it.

– Gardener