Undergraduate Research Fair

So your boy got to participate in the 1st Annual York University Research Paper Fair.  Now before I even summarize my experience let me just say, that as a teen I averaged a 66.6 percent durning my high school days.  And now, after a certain high school teacher said “Maybe you should do a trade. English is not for you”, I am smokin’ these assignments in university.

Anyway…the experience was pretty cool.  Met some nice people and even learned some new things.

But it was not very encouraging to see any other black males.  I mean what is it?? Why do we not care about things such as these? Is it cause we think they strictly for other races and not ourselves.  Cause I tell ya there were cute black girls participating!  I don;t know, it’s weird the higher I rise in my studies and job the less and less I see of myself…

Tomorrow get ready to Learn Sumthin’!! Gonna give a quick summary of my essay.


Ahhhh Pending it’s almost here.  This record means a lot to me.  Growing up I never ever ever thought I was special.  I found myself always searching for something that would define me.  I always felt there was nothing really special about me to latch on to.  Even though I rapped I didn’t look at it as a skill that was “special”, it was just something I enjoyed and was good at.


Now even to this day I do not really think of myself as “special” but around the time when I was working multiple jobs and taking night classes, to upgrade my marks to enter university.  I definitely started seeing myself as someone not to be underestimated not because of what I was doing, but because I set out a plan and executed it.  Believe me I was never one to set goals and achieve them.  I was just “living” until I started setting goals.


It is my belief that most people rarely get to do what they want in life.  What I mean by that is most people make decisions based off their options.  Someone actually living their dream is extremely rare.  It’s kind of why major populated areas in North America fantasizes the idea of getting away on a vacation or going to the cottage as “the ultimate thing”.


I am grateful for my position.  Granted things can always be better but I am extremely grateful for being able to do what I love….


Pending March 2013….

FIrst Post Only Right I Keep It Sensitive!

Seeing how this is my first First Post…I should keep it sensitive…


——> Relationships…..


We all experience them and to me they are something I hold very dear.  The people I have around me define me, but I have always thought that they should inspire me as well.  Now there are several people in my circle who are an integral part of my being.  Not to sound dramatic….But these people are valued by myself for their intangible contributions to my life, hopes and dreams.


Now, one of the unfortunate consequneces of relationships is when you have to end one with a person you care about.  It hurts and all that other sad stuff…..but that’s life.  We all go through it and experience it.


This sets the stage for my upcoming record “Pending”.  Stay tuned….