Niggas Get Shot Everyday B… – Rico

Niggas Get Shot Everyday B… – Rico [Paid In Full]

Words from Rico a character played by Cam’ron, in the movie “Paid In Full”.  Do yourself a favour and check it out.

I have to agree with Rico comments, especially when referring to the Trayvon Martin case.  Don’t get me wrong death should never be ignored or dismissed.  What I get frustrated at is the media circus, which correlates to social media, surrounding one individuals life.  Especially in a country where places like Chicago are at 183 homicides this year.  There are so many untold stories out there and many remain untold, due to the fact that the person pulling the trigger in those cases were black.

Jonylah Watikins was six months years old when she was shot in the neck.  She later died at the hospital.  Jonylah’s father (gang banger and intended target) was with Jonylah at the time.  Since the victims and perpetrators are black, this story got swept under the rug as another black on black crime.

Also I feel that this Trayvon Martin case was only set on a national stage, due to its racial implications.  In the past 5 years I can think of many other injustices that garnered little or any national coverage.  This obviously is due to the fact that in those cases race was not a factor.

Blacks kill each other everyday and nobody seems to be outraged over those situations, or maybe they are and have gotten tired of speaking out.  In my opinion the whole race issue is getting old.

Blacks will continue to be profiled the same way Asians are for being smart.  The only difference is that compared to most races blacks have the most negative stereo types.  Thus, creates an eternal struggle for blacks across this globe trying to shed that persona.  Many of the problems blacks face are due to our own actions and failure to take accountability.

As a black man I live the shit everyday and though I cannot compare myself to blacks living south of the boarder racism knows no bounds.

In the end even though Trayvon’s death is tragic and it is a terrible situation.

I am sorry but Rico is dead on “Niggas get shot everyday b”.

– Gardener

Back Then You Did Not Want Me

Back Then You Did Not Want Me

You know what a complete bummer is? When someone doesn’t realize how special you are till it is too late (yeah I’m on that emotional shit today!).

A few weeks ago a female, who shall remain nameless, tried to re-enter my life and I had to Dwight Howard the shit out of her attempt at my life basket (reject her).  Now I normally am a “No Hard Feelings” kind of guy.  But when we end on bad terms and you try to come back like everything is all good?!?!?!

I don’t know about all that, it rubs me the wrong way.  And to tell the truth it is way easier for guys to get females (our standards are realistic!).

Anyway just had to get that of my chest quick time.

Have you been treated wrongly in the past?  Drop a comment and let me know!

Public Bathrooms…

Public Bathrooms…

You all should be very ashamed of yourselves!!!!!

If bathrooms represented the human race we’d be nothing but a smelly, unhygienic, disgusting bunch of cretans that deserved to be put out of our misery!

I was at a local University, a place where people who want to be or are intellectual attend and the bathroom I walked into was gross enough state for me to say to myself…”I can hold it”.

I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into a public bathroom and regret doing so.  I mean how much effort does it take to clean up after yourself..maybe flush the toilet after taking the Browns to the Super Bowl?!?!!?

But no I continually find myself disgusted at my fellow man for not resisting grotesque urges such as wiping their boogers on the wall over the urinal they are using.  So the next person to use it comes face to face with the snotwork plastered on the wall less than two inches from their face.

I always say that if an alien race was coming to earth to cure all of our disease and just so happened to need to use the washroom first they’d probably say “Fuck these dirty people, they deserve to suffer”.  Because the chances of them walking in to a filth free bathroom is next to zero percent!

*Takes a deep breath”

Ok I feel better now…bye

– Gardener