Black Community and Metro Toronto Police

I recently wrote a 2000 word essay on the relationship between the black community and Metro Toronto police.  Don’t worry I’ll give you the short version of my argument.

Most people in North America are aware that black people and police aren’t the best of friends.  In my essay I address some of variables that influence the relationship between these two groups.

Variables such as the media and history of slavery tend to play a tremendous role in creating what I call a “defensive atmosphere”.  It is my opinion that the media doesn’t necessarily flatter black people.  Most of the blacks are covered for crime, at least this seems to be the opinion of black citizens of Toronto.  This in combination with the tragic history of slavery creates tension among the blacks and police.

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– Gardener

Coriolanus, Friends and Politics

Okay while I do realize the average mufucka doesn’t want to learn this post will be pretty dry, but I am confident you will LEARN SUMTHIN’….

My Topic:

My paper was on Coriolanus a play written by William Shakespeare.


Read the summary here:


I analyze a speech made by Tellus Aufidius.  Using Cicero’s (Ancient Rome Scholar) framework from De Amicitia (On Friendship) and De Officiis (Duties and Obligations), I connect sentiments made by Aufidius that exemplify Cicero’s definition of Friendship.  Some of these characteristics I touch on are virtue, flattery and frankness.


Cicero’s De Officiis explains how politics cannot exist without high morality (virtue).  I connect that idea with the traits of friendship and argue Cicero’s perspective of politics cannot exist with some form of friendship.


*Listen people I am not talking about 2013’s definition of friendship, where bitches is sleeping with their friends man or guys are borrowing money from their dude and have no intent of paying them back.  I am talking about a honorable/virtuous relationship.  This means 100% consistentcy not you being a nice guy on Friday and a dickhead on Saturday. This is something most of us have never experienced. Also debatable whether or not it exists. *



I relate my findings from Cicero’s works and claim that Coriolanus and Aufidius could have never had a true political relationship without being virtuous individuals.


Cicero’s perspectives were very enlightening and I realize how full of shit things are now…not to say it was better in the past, but Cicero’s perspectives are interesting to say the least and something to think about




I’ve been attending university for 4 years now.  I know what your thinking “congrats on your graduation”…nope I have been going part time, still got a bunch of years and credits to go.  :Kayne Shrug: it’s all good I am in no rush to be an adult and grow up… even though I’m a grown ass man.


A pointer for all my people that are all about improvement, I noticed a significant increase in my grades once I started taking piano lessons.  I know somewhere there is some study about student’s grades improving when learning an instrument.


It works!!!


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