Brother & Basketball

February 15&17, 2017

Dear Virtual Diary,

Well…My brother comes for two months and I basically stop writing and reading, and start partying and drinking. He left today and I am right back to where I was before he arrived, sitting in front of the computer writing. Having Dane here was satisfying in many ways. It was great to have another family member and good friend waiting for me everyday after work. It was especially enjoyable to have someone clean up besides me. Watching Dane absorb and experience Japan at the same age I did, on my first trip to Japan, was an experience I am proud to be a part of. Also, I have to admit that I miss him already and hope he returns to this little island and I.

We both participated in a basketball tournament in the town on the mainland Hiro (広)

and I was utterly disgusted with my gameplay. I wasn’t overly impressed with the teams there, but there was one team that had its shit together and we got hammered 31-59. I underestimated the stamina needed for these few games and used too much during the first game. By the second game I was running on fumes.

Currently, the team sits at 1-1 and we have a couple more games in March. From here on in I am making sure to touch a basketball everyday.  I have even asked my elementary schools if it is okay to use the gym to dribble after school. Two things I need to work on is finishing baskets in the paint and my ball handling skills. I have 3 weeks until the tournament resumes and figure if I practice 5 days out of the week I must get some kind of improvement, no?

I have added some of that shitty game down below as I need the world to witness my embarrassing performance.

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