Birthdays Do Not Mean Much to Me?

Birthdays Do Not Mean Much to Me?

Is that weird?

A person close to me recently celebrated their birthday and one thing I remembered about myself is how little my own bornday means to me.

I don’t know if it is my distaste for “First World Traditions” or maybe just the fact I only remember having one birthday party as a child.

I definitely think it is the latter.  I mean how can one expect to care about something especially “birthdays” without developing some form of emotion attachment to it?

I would think the majority of adults that whole heartedly love celebrating birthdays is directly linked to their child hood and experience with birthdays.  As a child they learned to love birthdays due to the presents or special family events, that occurred on their birthdays .  I think most of us agree that children depending on their age mostly likely love birthdays because it is their chance to get presents or experience someone else birthday and witness them getting presents/participating in a birthday party celebration.  What kid wouldn’t like presents, for simply being born?

As an adult this attachment to birthdays later matures into some form of emotional attachment rather than all about gifts, it morphs into some sort of philsophical ideal.  This ideal is shaped depending on the person’s character or perspective on life.

Take me for example:

I think that because I never really had an attachment as a child, to birthdays.  There was no feeling to mature as I grew.  I remember as a child getting pretty used to not having a party or anything special happen and on the opposite spectrum I witnessed my classmates and friends all having these amazing parties.  I think over time I just turned off the anticipated excitement, of my own birthday, as a way to deal with being disappointed.

When I became an adult, who never celebrates my own and I have not figured out if this is an overall positive or negative.  Well I know a lot of people I have meet think its negative and sad.  You’d be surprise how many lectures I have received on being heartless, because I am not particularly fond of celebrating events.

I always thought Mr Scrooge McDuck was misunderstood!

– Gardener