46 Kilometres of Love

“I remember late nights both of us chilling

You climbing over ceilings

Paving the way for your children

I just want you to be happy

Never knew you happy would mean my life would reside and lay in such a tragedy”

Dear Virtual Diary,

Love is something I have been able to witness and learn a lot more about in Japan.  Up until now love to me has been defined by my previous surroundings. It is the end result to a concoction of my influences, be it my friends, family as well as the overbearing construct of the socially normative.  But all of these things together provide the foundation for my personal idea of love. Consequently, I have brought that 31-year old fortified construct, that serves as my foundation for understanding Love, with me to Japan, where the wrecking ball that is Japanese culture often collides with it and shakes it to its core.

Even though I prescribe to many of these social norms, created in of my habitat, I must admit that I don’t see these bonds as unbreakable. In fact, I am always looking to tear down my current construct in hopes of building myself new ones.
“I thought you knew, only thing better than good is NEW”

My challenge was always tearing down and re-building these constructs, in the same habitat. It kind of seems redundant after a while.
“Why tear down a house just to rebuild it on the same block?”

If you could build a house really well and then live in it until you die, is that better than building a new house every few years?…Building a house once and stopping completely may cause your skills to atrophy and when you finally go to build a house again it may end up collapsing on you.

During a recent dinner with some friends the topic of different methods of marriage proposals came up. That is when I learned that one of the man had walked from Hiroshima to Kurahashi Island (46 kms) to profess his love for his now wife.

I should mention, when using public transport this trip usually takes around two hours. I think I remember him saying it took him the whole day and he left Hiroshima at 4:30am and arrived in the early evening. I couldn’t believe it and was slightly jealous of him. I don’t think I have met any woman that pulls those types emotions out of me. But after listening to his story having feelings like that for someone has got to be pretty euphoric.

Also I am pretty confident if I did that for any of my past loves or future loves they’d think me to be psychotic. That may just be North American’s understanding of love I guess.

But I don’t think this man is crazy. To me, didn’t he put his money where his mouth is and really display his dedication for his wife? Before enter into marriage there was a serious commitment displayed. I mean the logic is there.

Back home I feel like that display of love would be seen as weak and regrettable.

But with me building new walls, this seems like a vital source and ingredient for mixing the cement for foundation.

Osaka with Special Host Gardener!

“Something about leaving your surroundings

Going to a place where duplicates are never found in

No more water cooler talks and paper to push

Just bamboo stocks and poetry books”

Dear Virtual Diary,

On December 3rd I will be performing for my 3rd time in Japan. I have a show lined up in Osaka. I skyped with a good friend of mine and partner in crime to this music stuff, and we were able to curate a solid 20-minute set. The set this time around, compared to my set last year, is more mellow and relaxed.

My first couple performances in Japan were a blur. All I remember is wanting to jam pack my set with as many songs as possible. I think I performed around 12 songs last time. This time I am only performing 8 and I have about the same amount of stage time as last year.

The set encompassed many songs that were cut in half.  For example, with some songs I only performed a verse and a chorus or sometimes just a verse. This way I was able to perform more songs.

My new set has less songs, but I will perform the entirety of them.

Check out the set below:

Rap is Like Sports


Like So




Dear Karma

I Love Black People 

My main goal is to enjoy every minute of my performance. The first time around I was much more nervous but I don’t seem to be this time. I think more than anything this set list is going to be something that I will enjoy performing.

In both of my crowds collectively, from my two shows last year, there was only one man who could understand/speak English, but from the response the crowds showed me you’d think everyone could comprehend what I was saying. Music truly, and money, is a universal language. To me, it wasn’t my lyrics, but my emotion that was conveyed to them. I was shocked and surprised after my first show and consequently I am looking forward to this one.

Music the one true conduit for sending emotions to complete strangers. Or something along those lines I guess….